Klean-Strip® Discontinued Products

While the products on these pages are no longer available for sale, we will continue support customers who bought them. If you have purchased one of these products, you can find all of the data, specifications and directions you need to use it safely and effectively — as well as a link to similar hardworking Klean-Strip® products that are available at hardware, home supply and automotive suppliers in your area.

AIRCRAFT® Non-Methylene Chloride Paint Remover is a fast, professional grade alternative to methylene chloride-based paint removers that removes acrylics, lacquers, polyurethanes, and epoxies from metal surfaces.

CARB Compliant General Purpose Automotive Lacquer Thinner thins lacquer & epoxy and has a medium dry-rate, and is VOC Compliant, per CARB (California Air Resources Board).

Color Change Stripper is the first methylene chloride stripper with color change technology — it goes on light blue and then turns to bluish-white when the layers of paint are ready to be removed in one pass. 

Concentrated Cleaner & Stain Remover is a professional strength formula that removes dirt, grime, grease, oil, tar, wax, scuff marks, smoke residue, tree sap, bird droppings, food, drink and pet stains.

D-Lead® Paint Surface Cleaner ready-to-use formula quickly removes lead paint dust from water washable surfaces such as walls, window frames, sills and troughs, ceilings, counters, radiators, trim, floors, and cabinets.

D-Lead® Paint Test Kit detects lead and lead chromate in all layers of paint with a color change in 13 minutes or less. 

D-Lead® Wipes are specially designed for quickly cleaning lead paint and construction dust from non-porous, washable surfaces, including woodwork, windows, walls, tile and floors.

Glass & Surface Cleaner sprays on as a foam that clings to vertical surfaces without dripping, and wipes off leaving no residue or streaks; it effectively removes dirt, dust, grease, grime, oil, tar, wax, and latex paint overspray without streaking.

Graffiti Remover is a biodegradable, non-caustic formula that removes multiple layers of graffiti from unpainted surfaces, such as glass, metal, masonry, concrete, and wood.

Gum & Adhesive Remover removes gum, adhesives, stickers, crayon marks, lipstick, shoe polish, wax, grease and more from metal, glass and fabrics.

Industrial Maintenance Coating Thinner provides good solvency and can be used in place of MEK, Toluene, Xylene and VM&P Naphtha for thinning Industrial Maintenance Coatings.

KS-Pro™ Paint Thinner is a new, revolutionary safer paint thinner formula that thins, cleans and preps paint and paint surfaces; it is milky-white in color and can be used to thin any color of oil-based paint, stain and varnish without affecting the color of the dried paint.

Lacquer Thinner Premium is an effective high-solvency thinner for lacquer and most epoxies.

M.E.K. (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) is used for thinning polyester, epoxies, vinyls, and adhesives.

Metal & Masonry Paint Remover removes paint, enamel, polyurethane, epoxy, lacquer from metal, brick and masonry.  

Mildew Stain Remover is a professional strength cleaner which effectively preps surfaces for painting and eliminates tough mildew stains from interior and exterior surfaces.

Mineral Spirits for SCAQMD is a strong solvent that can be used for cleaning and degreasing — and is used to clean up paintbrushes, tools and equipment immediately after an oil-based paint project.

Muriatic Acid is used for brightening masonry or etching concrete.

Natural Multi-Purpose Solvent is used to thin and clean, clean paint overspray and splatters, and clean automotive grease from tools & equipment.

Odorless Painter’s Solvent for SCAQMD is a premium, highly refined mineral spirits solvent formula excellent for degreasing. It is very low odor and dries with minimal residue.

Paint Clean-Up is excellent for cleaning up after a painting project and removes paint splatters, drips and spills from metal, plastic, wood and painted surfaces. 

Paint Clean-Up for California is excellent for cleaning up after a painting project. Removes paint splatters, drips and spills from metal, plastic, wood and painted surfaces. 

Paint Thinner Aerosol is made with mineral spirits and is a convenient way to clean paint brushes, tools, and equipment immediately after an oil-based painting project. 

Rust Converter dries to a hard, sandable, paintable primer, and inhibits further corrosion & can be used with body filler.

Rust Remover quickly cuts through and dissolves rust from metal surfaces. 

Sticker Shock quickly and easily removes bumper stickers.  

TSP Substitute is a powerful liquid that cleans, degreases, and deglosses surfaces prior to painting or refinishing.

Turpatine is clear and non-staining, and can be used whenever Turpentine, Mineral Spirits or Paint Thinner is specified by the paint product manufacturer; it is excellent for cleaning brushes and equipment immediately after use to keep them in their best condition.

White Formula Paint Thinner is a milky-white revolutionary, safer paint thinner formula that thins, cleans, and preps any color of oil-based paint, stain and varnish without affecting the color of the dried paint.

Wood Bleach (DISCONTINUED) is a 2-part solution that lightens stripped or unfinished wood to create a clean, uniform surface prior to staining.