Muriatic Acid

Whether you want to brighten masonry or etch concrete in preparation for painting, you’ll find Klean-Strip® Muriatic Acid is a powerful solution. It’s also effective for removing excess mortar from bricks.



Additional protective equipment such as plastic or rubber apron and rubber boots may be needed when mixing or using this product. Remove all surface oil, grease and dirt before using this product. Airborne fumes and vapors are corrosive to exterior and interior metals and many other surfaces.

MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: Use only water to dilute. Mix solution in an open-top plastic container. Do not splash while mixing. Always pour acid slowly into water. Never pour water into acid. Slowly pour Muriatic Acid into water and stir gently. Stir only with plastic or bare wood. Diluting acid in water can produce heat and may cause boiling and spattering if mixed too fast.

BRIGHTEN CONCRETE AND MASONRY SURFACES: Will not remove grease, oil or rust stains. Dilution ratio: 1/2 pint Muriatic Acid per gallon of water. Apply with plastic bristle scrub brush and rinse thoroughly with water.

ETCHING CONCRETE: Dilution ratio: 1-pint Muriatic Acid per gallon of water. Using a plastic bristle scrub brush, apply to concrete surface. Allow mixture to stand 5 minutes and hose off completely with plenty of water. Allow surface to dry.

POISON!  HARMFUL OR FATAL IF SWALLOWEDCAUSES SEVERE BURNS VAPOR HARMFUL. Contains hydrochloric acid. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Do not ingest. USE ONLY WITH ADEQUATE VENTILATION TO PREVENT BUILDUP OF VAPORS. For exterior use only. Do not use in areas where vapors can accumulate and concentrate such as basements, bathrooms and small, enclosed areas. If strong odor is noticed or you experience slight dizziness - STOP - ventilation is inadequate. Leave area immediately. IF THE WORK AREA IS NOT WELL VENTILATED, DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT. A dust mask does not provide against protection of vapors. Do not mix with chlorine-type bleaches or other household chemicals. Wear chemical resistant gloves and chemical splash goggles when using this product.

FIRST AID: IN CASE OF CONTACT WITH EYES, flush with water for 15 minutes, removing contact lenses, and get immediate medical attention.

FOR SKIN CONTACT, wash thoroughly with soap and water and get medical attention. Remove contaminated clothing and wash before reuse. If ingested, do not induce vomiting. Drink several glasses of water or milk and get immediate medical attention. If breathing difficulty occurs, move to fresh air. If symptoms persist, get medical attention.

SPILL OR LEAK - Flush by flooding with plenty of water applied quickly to the entire spill. Dispose of washings and empty container according to federal, state and local regulations.

DISPOSAL: After six months, dispose of unused Muriatic Acid and container by following federal, state and local regulations.

STORAGE AND TRANSPORTATION: Ensure cap is closed and tightened. Securely place container in an upright position during transportation and storage.


20% Baumé Hydrochloric Acid 31.5% By Weight

What is Klean Strip® Muriatic Acid used for?
For brightening concrete and masonry, and for etching clean concrete so that a sealer or finish will adhere.

Do I dilute Klean Strip® Muriatic Acid?
Mix ½ pint per gallon of water if using to brighten concrete and masonry surfaces. Mix 1 pint per gallon of water if using to etch concrete.

Will Klean Strip® Muriatic Acid harm grass?
Yes, so be sure to rinse any grass near the application sight with water both before and after Muriatic Acid is applied.

Do I need to rinse Klean Strip® Muriatic Acid off after application?
Yes, rinse thoroughly after application.

What is the shelf life of Klean Strip® Muriatic Acid?
The shelf life is two years unopened and six months opened.

The “Directions for Use” are included to help you better understand our product. However, they do not provide you with all of the information needed to use the product safely and effectively. Prior to using any of our products, you should always read the entire label including all cautions. A copy of the current label is linked to this webpage.