KS Solvents And Thinners

Solvents And Thinners

Whether you’re working with paint, varnish, stain, epoxy — or a broad range of other finishes — Klean-Strip® has a complete line of solvents and thinners to help them flow on evenly, smoothly and dry to a beautiful finish. And when the project is over, Klean-Strip® solvents and thinners are great for project clean-up, and can help you restore your brushes, rollers and equipment.


Boiled Linseed Oil

Lacquer Thinner

Less Flammable* Paint Thinner for SCAQMD

M.E.K. Substitute

Odorless Mineral Spirits

Paint Thinner

Painter’s Solvent for SCAQMD



VM&P Naphtha