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Klean Strip® Adhesive Remover removes carpet adhesive, mastics and contact cement. This product is not recommended for use on walls. Nor should it be used on painted surfaces as it will remove the paint.

When applied 1/16 inch thick, one gallon of Klean Strip® Adhesive Remover covers approximately 25 sq. ft. Every project is different and some jobs, though small, may require multiple applications. It also depends on how thick the application is.

If the product leaves a sticky residue, it was either not applied in a thick layer at least 1/16 inch thick or the product may not have had time to fully work (approximately 1 to 3 hours). During that time, you need to scrape a test area to see if the adhesive is softened and ready for removal. Do not allow the remover to completely dry on the surface as the adhesive can re-adhere.

When Klean Strip® Acetone is stored in a cool, dry location and protected from external damage to the packaging, the shelf life is at least two years under these conditions.