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Klean Strip® Brush Cleaner can be used to clean brushes and tools after a painting project.

It will remove oil-based paint and dried and hardened latex paint.

Soak your paint brush in a metal can filled with Klean Strip® Brush Cleaner for several hours or overnight. Paint residue can be loosened with brush comb or metal fork. After agitating the bristles in fresh Brush Cleaner, wash the paint brush with warm soapy water. Shake out excess and hang to dry.

To open the cap, place a screwdriver in the slot and pry it open.

Klean Strip® Brush Cleaner is not for use with natural bristle brushes.

Klean Strip® Brush Cleaner will remove oil-based stain from brushes after soaking. It will clean fresh oil-based stain very quickly without soaking.

Klean Strip® Brush Cleaner can be reused.  Pour the product without the paint pieces back in the can.  Use the product within the next three months or discard.

Dispose of empty container and leftover product at your local household hazardous waste collection facility. If one is not available, dispose of in accordance with federal, state and local regulations.