Klean Strip® Caulk Remover

Klean Strip® Caulk Remover is a gel formula that is thick and clings to vertical surfaces. It removes latex caulk & loosens silicone caulk. A 16 oz bottle will treat approximately 60 linear fee which is equivalent to 1 shower area or 2 regular sized sinks.

Klean Strip® Caulk Remover will not harm many surfaces including bath tiles, porcelain, glass, marble, metal fixtures, quartz granite, and natural stone. It is not recommended for use on painted, refinished or varnished surfaces.

Apply Klean Strip® Caulk Remover to existing caulk and allow to sit 5 to 20 minutes to loosen. Some types of caulk may require more time. Scrape. Repeat application if necessary. Rinse area with soap and water and let dry before applying new caulk.