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Klean Strip® Premium Stripper SC/CA will remove paint, epoxy and polyurethane from wood, metal and masonry. Always wear chemical splash goggles and chemical-resistant gloves. A dust mask does not provide protection against vapors.

Use in temperatures between 65˚ and 85˚F and away from strong breeze and hot sun. Protect surrounding areas with a heavy plastic drop cloth.

If the stripper is drying or getting gummy before it works, you may not be applying a thick enough layer of stripper. In order to really soften and liquify a paint, the remover will need to be several times thicker than the paint film, so put on a thick layer. Remove stripper from surface with plastic scraper or brush.
Use a clean abrasive pad dipped in After Wash or Odorless Mineral Spirits to loosen remaining finish and remove any residue. Surface should be completely clean and dry before refinishing.

Do not use Klean Strip® Premium Stripper to remove paint from floors or large surface areas because fire and health safety risks will increase dramatically.

We do not recommend using Klean Strip® Premium Stripper on fiberglass.

Klean Strip® Premium Stripper SC/CA will not remove a sealant.

Dispose of empty container and leftover product at your local household hazardous waste collection facility. If one is not available, dispose of in accordance with federal, state and local regulations.