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Klean Strip® Acetone thins fiberglass resins, epoxy and adhesives and can be used to clean product residue. It dries fast with no residue. It is not recommended for use in removing paint, varnish, stain or sealants.

To open the gallon can, push down on the white plastic cap that is covering the silver cap and turn counter-clockwise.

The cap may be very tight to prevent leaking in transit. Some caps may need pliers to help with opening.

Klean Strip® Acetone is 100% acetone.

It is not to be used as nail polish or thinner.  While some nail polish products may contain acetone and other ingredients, Klean Strip® Acetone is not manufactured for use on nails or skin.

When Klean Strip® Acetone is stored in a cool, dry location and protected from external damage to the packaging, the shelf life is at least two years under these conditions.